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History Alive

History Alive

Steel and WWII. History Alive. Lecture series with the Heinz History Center.

History Alive Series Part One: Steel and WWII 

Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2024

Time: 6PM

Address: B.F. Jones Memorial Library - 663 Franklin Ave. Aliquippa, Pa. 15001

Parking: 'Library Lot' is located across the street from the library. Street parking is available. 

Accessibility: Accessible parking is located to the left of the building. Take the elevator to the main floor.  

Cost: FREE **Seating is limited**

This event is brought to you by The Friends of The B.F. Jones Memorial Library

Program Description: 

We hear that western Pennsylvania steel production was crucial to the Allied victory in World War II, but what did that really mean? This evening will explore some of the many ways that Western Pennsylvania steel companies and related industries, such as U.S. Steel, Jones & Laughlin, Allegheny Ludlum, and Mesta Machine helped win the war in the 1940s.

Join Heinz History Center's senior curator Leslie Przybylek to discover:

What steel products were made here?

How did these companies support the war effort?

See the impact of U.S. Steel, Jones & Laughlin, Allegheny Ludlum, Mesta Machine, and more!

FREE ADMISSION- no registration necessary

Meet and reminisce with former steelworkers.

Tour the B.F. Jones Memorial Library (a Heinz History Affiliate Location) and it's many display cases devoted to J&L Steel in Aliquippa.  

Ghost Bomber. Unsolved. History Alive. Lecture Series with the Heinz History Center

History Alive Series Part Two: Ghost Bomber Unsolved

Date: Saturday, October 12, 2024 

Time: 10am-5pm Open House 

Speaking Engagement Time: 1PM

Location: Air Heritage Aviation Museum - 35 Piper Street, Chippewa Twp. Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Parking: Lot and grass parking will be available. Museum Volunteers will be on site to direct you. 

Cost: FREE

This Program is brought to you by The Beaver County Library System and The Air Heritage Aviation Museum. 


Program Description: 

Unravel the mystery behind Pittsburgh's most enduring aviation enigma.

Join us for a museum open house followed by a captivating presentation by Bob Shema, Operations Director of the B-25 Recovery Project. He will delve deep into the ongoing search for the wreckage of a WWII bomber that vanished beneath the murky depths of the Monongahela River in 1956.

Prepare to Unmask the Conspiracy Theories :

Was it a routine mission gone wrong, or something far more sinister?

Did the military conduct a secret recovery operation?

What lies hidden beneath the river's surface?

Keynote Address by Leslie Przybylek, Senior Curator, Heinz History Center:

Gain expert insights into the historical context and captivating lore surrounding this unsolved mystery.

Don't miss a local opportunity to separate fact from fiction in the case of the Ghost Bomber! 

Fuel your exploration and support aviation history!

Grab a delicious "Thunder Dog" and other refreshments from the Air Heritage Aviation Museum.
Tour incredible "Warbird" aircraft up close and personal.

Win door prizes and participate in the 'Warbird Fundraiser Raffle.' The lucky winner will be announced live from the hangar. 

Read into it! 

Books and movies in our collection about Steel, WWII, The Ghost Bomber, and other related topics. 

The Wild Blue by Stephen Ambrose

The Bomber Mafia by Malcom Gladwell

A Higher Call by Adam Makos

Additional Digital Resources

 **Click on the text for a direct link to the website**

B-25 Recovery Group- LLC- B-25 Overview and Research

Historic Pittsburgh-  B-25 Guide hosted by The University of Pittsburgh Library System

Heinz History Center- The Mystery of Pittsburgh's Ghost Bomber 

The Pittsburgh City Paper- The Ghost Bomber of the Monongahela blends conspiracy, truth, and tragedy