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The Great Sunflower Challenge 2023

The Great Sunflower Challenge 2023

The Great Sunflower Challenge.  May 1- Sept 9.

Next Challenge begins May 1, 2024

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  • Tallest - Stem should be measured from the soil line to the base of the head.
  • Most Blooms- include fully mature flowers and unopened flower buds.
  • Largest Head- should be measured at the diameter of the seed head, containing the sunflower seeds. Do not measure the petals.

2023 Winners

Name LibraryHeightBloomsHead 
Team PierBeaver13ft14113"
Team TannerBeaver9.8 - 117 inches
Baronetski Beaver8.5' - 103 inches32
10.5 - 126inches3114"
AnkneyBeaver8.5 - 102 inches4716"
10'5 - 126inches 

Pastor McGregorBaden
Team SowersChippewa7.1'

KucelBaden9.25 - 111 inches152
Team Henry Beaver11.5ft1310"
Team BarrickBeaver116373"

2022 Winners

Tallest1) John Ackney11'6"

2) JanlewZ10'8"

3) Andrew and Lauren Pier10'8"
Blooms1) Andrew and Lauren Pier106

2) Sandra Jo Kucel80

3) Gretchen Harrich60
Head1) Marjorie Degelis1' 75 (21 inches)

2) Aaron & Martha Kotys1'12 (14 inches)

3) Cheryl Hansen1.12 (12 inches)


Sunflowers must be home-grown. Any variety of sunflower (Helianthus species) will be accepted. For the tallest/ largest challenges, we encourage "giant" varieties of sunflowers.

How to submit entries: 1) Take a photo of your sunflower and submit with this form at a local library or 2) Email your submission photos/ entry details to ccolaizzi@beaverlibraries.org

Last day to submit entries is September 9th

Winners will be announced on September 14th

Participants must consent to having their sunflower photograph shared for library publicity.

Beaver County residents only.

The Great Sunflower Project

If you would like to participate with The Great Sunflower Project- Citizen Science Pollinator Count, click the link https://www.greatsunflower.org/

Want to grow the biggest sunflower Beaver County has ever seen? Click the links below for some tips of the trade: https://www.almanac.com/plant/sunflowers

How to plant and grow Sunflowers plus how to roast seeds for eating

Looking for local sunflower fields to visit?

Librarian in field with sunflowers

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